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Demisexual problems #3

I’m not sure if anyone else has had this experience but its the point in time when that one person who you’ve known forever who seems to love friend-zoning you and fucking everything around them, becomes single for once and you explain to them how you feel and about your demisexuality and they just kind of sit and nod and go “oh.”. It’s seriously the most soul-crushing and infuriating thing ever to have poured your mind and heart onto a platter to have someone react as if you just told them that cars have wheels and you’re the biggest moron that ever lived. 
It’s even worse when this event makes you look back through your experiences and those moments you shared with that person and wonder if there was anyway you could have released that invisible hold these people develop over you. yes i know im hopelessly infatuated and it wont change. i just wish sometimes people would realise the real effect they have on me as a person instead of just passing me straight into the friend-zone. 
welcome to reality oliver. 

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